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I know about the possibility of representing some kind of tree structure by naming your files like:

However I'd love to be able to maintain some kind of healthy directory structure inside wikidata. That means for the example above that toplevel and second are actual directories on my filesystem.

Is that possible?

jgm commented Oct 26, 2010

gitit is already set up like this. The wikidata directory can have arbitrary subdirectories, and the paths map on to page names in the obvious way. So, if you have a subdirectory foo of wikidata, and it contains, that's the page that will be displayed at the url /foo/bar
That's what you want, right? Try it.


Thanks for this super fast reply.

This is how it looks when I click "All Pages":

When I enter the URL directly I get this:

I added the directories to git and committed.
Something strange: when I do git status in one of these subdirectories I get:
fatal: Not a git repository (or any of the parent directories): .git

I can't really explain this to myself.


Okay. The problem was that the directories were symlinks actually.
I probably have to mirror the git repository to wikidata to archive the workflow I want.

jgm commented Oct 27, 2010

Okay, glad it is sorted.

@segasai segasai pushed a commit to segasai/gitit that referenced this issue Oct 4, 2014
@jgm Moved page handler above source and any handlers.
Resolves Issue #15 (when a directory and a page were
created with the same name, attempts to load the page
would fail).
This issue was closed.
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