Multiple wikis, nested hierarchically #192

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jgm commented Jul 9, 2011
The idea is to have subwikis visible in the URL space under the main wiki,
in separate repositories, e.g.


where each of these 3 wikis would have its own repository. This would be
useful (a) to reduce the size of repositories, and (b) to group together
wikis or projects-with-included-wikis which were previously created separately.

In MainWiki you would be able to create links into the other two, but not
vice-versa (because the subwikis should be able to be checked out from
their repositories and run independently of the main repository). I think
this is mostly possible now, by using Apache to proxy completely separate
gitit instances for each wiki. However:

* running one gitit instance for all wikis might be more efficient in terms
of heap memory usage and garbage collection

* it would be useful if the search facility in MainWiki could (optionally?)
search all the subwikis as well as MainWiki

* it would be less confusing for the users if the subwikis appeared in the
index listings of MainWiki

Ideally I would like to see arbitrarily deep nesting of subwikis supported,
as well (again, this can probably be done with apache for now).

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jgm commented Jul 9, 2011

This could also provide an easy way to differentiate permissions on subwikis, e.g.


where RestrictedWiki would only allow users to view pages.

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Created On: 2011-05-23T21:16:42.000Z

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