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Allow recapctha keys to be stored in external file (s) #205

jgm opened this Issue · 0 comments

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jgm commented
It would be convenient to allow an alternative syntax for recaptcha-
private-key: and recaptcha-public-key: fields in the Gitit config file 
like @filepath to refer to external files that store recaptcha keys 
instead of typing them directly into the config file.

Rationale: a config may be part of a cloneable wiki repo, and distributed 
along with the latter. Since recaptcha keys contain private information, 
the feature proposed would allow to prevent them from distribution, while 
being able to distribute the config file.

No patch is included; this is just a suggestion for future development.

Google Code Info:
Issue #: 62
Created On: 2009-09-10T14:02:29.000Z
Closed On: 
@jgm jgm was assigned
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