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jgm commented Jul 9, 2011

This feature would allow gitit to use the File System (FS) directly instead of a version control system. 

This would ease editing outside of the gitit interface.
History would be unavailable.

Cases where this can be useful:
 - testing
 - single user or few users of the wiki
 - the entire filesystem is version controled in a way that is incompatible with gitit

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Issue #: 118
Author: zcwxod
Created On: 2011-04-29T09:05:06.000Z
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jgm was assigned Jul 9, 2011


jgm commented Jul 9, 2011

I don't see a clean way to use this. Gitit never deals directly with a VCS; it interacts with the VCS through the filestore abstraction. And a filestore must have versioning, etc.

Note that you can already edit outside the gitit interface -- you just need to use git or another VCS and commit your changes.

Google Code Info:
Author: fiddloso...@gmail.com
Created On: 2011-04-29T16:14:25.000Z


gwern commented Jul 19, 2011

I suppose you could write a Filesystem filestore module, where it pretends that no matter what, the 'filestore' has only had one revision ever. 'History? Whatever the current repo says. RevisionIDs? Sorry, there's just the current repo.' etc.


jgm commented Jul 19, 2011

Yes, I suppose that would be the way to do it.

I would also find this useful. I am using Gitit for a single-user wiki, with all of the files on Dropbox.

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