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WikiLinks in the TOC or in the section #270

tantignac opened this Issue · 0 comments

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When we write:
```# Proof

It is a proof.

on a page of the wiki, the result is a TOC at the top of the page, linking to the title of the section (by an anchor).

However, when we write:
```# [Proof]()

It is a proof.

the TOC title holds the WikiLink and the title of the section nothing.

It is not very convenient because it is not possible to directly jump to the section from the TOC.

Wouldn't it be better to make the TOC link to the section title and the section title hold the WikiLink?

As a result, it would be possible:

  • to jump to the section from the TOC in 1 click, and
  • to jump to the page that is WikiLinked from the section title in 2 clicks (one from the TOC to get the section, and the second on the section title).
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