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TOC in exports #274

tantignac opened this Issue · 1 comment

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I made some tests:

Configuration file:
```table-of-contents: yes
pandoc-user-data: pandoc

Pandoc template:

With page metadata:
toc: no

Gitit view: no TOC
LaTeX export: no TOC
PDF export: TOC

With page metadata:
toc: yes

Gitit view: TOC
LaTeX export: no TOC
PDF export: TOC

Apparently, the doc metadata is taken into account by the web render only. However, there is an inconsistence between the .tex and the .pdf exports: one has a TOC and the other one has not.

Is there a way to share the toc metadata of gitit to pandoc, enabling this latter to add or not the toc depending on the choice on gitit?

I too could use this little consistency.

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