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Text with ampersand character causes page data to be lost #311

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Random Coder atsuo yamada Brian Candler John MacFarlane
Random Coder

I have created a link [Some text](http://a/place/file&name.doc) within a page and latter on there is another link with a semicolon, e.g. [Some other text](http://alinkwith;semicolon). When I preview the page then all text and markup between the & and the ; are lost. If I then save the page then the content is replaced by the mangled version.

Some investigation revealed that the & ... ; sequence was being interpreted as an html escape sequence so I changed the first link to read [Some text](http://a/place/file&name.doc) which correctly displayed in the preview mode and also when saved. However, when I next edit the page the & has been reverted back to a simple & and the problem reoccurs meaning that I have to remember to re-edit every & in the page to read & each time I edit otherwise I will lose the content that is inbetween every & and the next ;.

It seems as if the version of the text that is actually stored to the git repository is a processed version and not the markup that is actually entered by the user. It is this behaviour that is causing content to be lost from the saved pages and in some cases this is unrecoverable.

atsuo yamada


I encounted same problem.
And so it fix this changes.

But, this problem not occured on

I guess, this problem was caused by change of other modules.

Brian Candler

Which version of gitit? If you are using 0.9 then try, or apply the patch at commit 5e8132c. I think this is the same problem I found and reported as issue #316.

If you are using the Ubuntu package of gitit then vote at

John MacFarlane

This is fixed by 5e8132c, so closing.

John MacFarlane jgm closed this
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