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nginx proxy howto #301

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I added a short paragraph showing how to use nginx instead of apache.

(P.S.: Thanks for gitit, it's a great piece of software!)

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@@ -478,6 +478,25 @@ loaded, and set up a virtual host with the following configuration:
Reload your apache configuration and you should be all set.
+Using nginx to achieve the same
+Drop a file called into /etc/nginx/conf.d (or where ever
+your distribution puts it).
+ server {
+ listen 80;
+ server_name
+ location / {
+ proxy_pass;
+ proxy_set_header X-Real-IP $remote_addr;
+ proxy_redirect off;
+ }
+ access_log /var/log/nginx/ main;
+ }
+Reload your nginx config and you should be good all set.
Proxying to ``
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