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modify plugins/Subst.hs to make it work with latest version of pandoc #358

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@tianyicui Thanks for your contributions. Nevertheless this pull request is not very informative; would you please add which version of pandoc does not work with gitit, and with what version your patch adds compatibility? Remember that issues might be read by other people a few months later.


thanks for this @tianyicui ; i was about to report this as a bug.

@nomeata Pandoc.Text no longer exposes the function 'defaultParserState'; i can't find when this change was made, but it doesn't matter that much, as the current version of Subst.hs just simply doesn't work with say pandoc-

this pull request should be accepted.

@jgm jgm merged commit 92d05d0 into jgm:master
@silky silky referenced this pull request in nomeata/random-haskell-code

this doesn't compile output that it produces when run on itself #1

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  1. +2 −2 plugins/Subst.hs
4 plugins/Subst.hs
@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@ module Subst (plugin) where
import Control.Monad.CatchIO (try)
import Data.FileStore (FileStoreError, retrieve)
-import Text.Pandoc (defaultParserState, readMarkdown)
+import Text.Pandoc (def, readMarkdown)
import Network.Gitit.ContentTransformer (inlinesToString)
import Network.Gitit.Interface
import Network.Gitit.Framework (filestoreFromConfig)
@@ -27,7 +27,7 @@ substituteIntoBlock ((Para [Link ref ("!subst", _)]):xs) =
alt = "'" ++ target ++ "' doesn't exist. Click here to create it."
lnk = Para [Link [txt] (target,alt)]
in (lnk :) `fmap` substituteIntoBlock xs
- Right a -> let (Pandoc _ content) = readMarkdown defaultParserState a
+ Right a -> let (Pandoc _ content) = readMarkdown def a
in (content ++) `fmap` substituteIntoBlock xs
substituteIntoBlock (x:xs) = (x:) `fmap` substituteIntoBlock xs
substituteIntoBlock [] = return []
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