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Fix wiki links when `base-url` is set to empty and `absolute-urls` to yes #359

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In config file, when base-url is set to empty (or /, which will then be trailed to empty) and absolute-urls set to yes, the wiki links doesn't actually use absolute urls, since it will use </> to concat base-url and the wiki link.

So in page /Sub/Page, the link [OtherPage] will produce the code <a href="OtherPage"> thus point to /Sub/OtherPage, while it should produce the code <a href="/OtherPage">.

We should always concat a '/' before the base-url to make sure the produced url is an absolute url.

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@jgm jgm merged commit a7f85e6 into jgm:master
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  1. +1 −1  Network/Gitit/ContentTransformer.hs
2  Network/Gitit/ContentTransformer.hs
@@ -525,7 +525,7 @@ wikiLinksTransform pandoc
-- | Convert links with no URL to wikilinks.
convertWikiLinks :: Config -> Inline -> Inline
convertWikiLinks cfg (Link ref ("", "")) | useAbsoluteUrls cfg =
- Link ref (baseUrl cfg </> inlinesToURL ref, "Go to wiki page")
+ Link ref ("/" </> baseUrl cfg </> inlinesToURL ref, "Go to wiki page")
convertWikiLinks _cfg (Link ref ("", "")) =
Link ref (inlinesToURL ref, "Go to wiki page")
convertWikiLinks _cfg x = x
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