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This is a page for people to post custom themes for gitit.

Bootstrap Theme


License: Not specified

Screenshot of bootstrap theme

Bootstrap Theme (Another)


License: GPL-3.0

Screenshot of second bootstrap theme

Winter Theme

Code: custom.css

License: Not specified

Screenshot of winter theme

LibreSat Distribution of Gitit (Semantic UI)


License: AGPL-3.0

Screenshot of Semantic UI Theme

Lighthouse Score: 42 | 100 | 90 | 93 | 100

Other notable features:

  • Is Progressive Web Application (PWA)
  • Caches content locally on client (uses ServiceWorker)
  • Works offline without installation
  • Shows "Add to homescreen" banner for installation as PWA
  • Includes Docker container and Helm Chart for Kubernetes Deployment
  • Includes user instructions for cloning and downloading the wikidata repo
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