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-To install using cabal-dev:
- make prep && make
+gitit2 is a rewrite of [gitit] using the [Yesod] web framework.
+My intention is that it will eventually replace gitit.
-You'll need a git repository at wikidata.
-Pages are markdown files with the `.page` extension.
-Wikilinks look like this: `[My page]()`.
-Currently it is assumed that the wiki contains
-`Front` and ``; later this and other
-things will be made configurable.
-Lots of things don't yet work!
+To install:
+ cabal install
+If you run gitit2 from the source directory, a default
+`wikidata` directory will be automatically created, based
+on the settings in `settings.yaml`. You will then be able
+to view your wiki at <http://localhost:3000>.
+The basic wiki functions have all been implemented. You can
+create, edit, and modify pages. You can search, view
+history, and comment. You can export in any format that
+pandoc supports.
+What is still missing?
+* User login -- currently there is no access control.
+* Preview in edit.
+* Loading plugins (the plugin API works, but there is not
+ yet support for specifying plugins in the config file).
+* Page locking (no-delete, no-edit).
+* Command-line option to specify a config file.
+* Site initialization wizard.
+* Documentation.
+* Multiple options for treatment of math in HTML.
+* Configurable session timeout.
+* Option to show bird tracks in LHS.
+* Log level options.
+* Configurabel mime types file.
+* 'absolute-urls' option for wikilinks?
+* 'feed-refresh-time' option?
+* Option to disable PDF export?
+* Option for pandoc user data directory
+* Option to disable sanitization?
+* System for customizing CSS

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