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C++ Highlighting starts underlining too early #2

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I just tried illuminate on one of my C++ files. Qualified names (calls to static methods in this case) are highlighted a bit oddly though when they are at the start of an indented line.

The ANSI code to change to red, underlined text seems to be at the start of the line, not at the first non-whitespace character.

This results in an underline that starts at the beginning of the line instead of the word that should be highlighted.


Sorry, I completely forgot about this in the busy last two weeks or so.

I can't show the source where I first noticed the problem since the copyright belongs to my employer but the same problem occurs in e.g. Qt 4.7.3 with a randomly chosen file, in this case
src/network/access/qabstractnetworkcache.cpp (if you want to reproduce the exact thing).

I took a screenshot of some of the output that illustrates the problem:

As you can see the red underlines start at the beginning of the line, not the beginning of the word.

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