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** $Id: lpeg.h,v 1.1 2009/12/23 16:15:36 roberto Exp $
** LPeg - PEG pattern matching for Lua
** Copyright 2009, & PUC-Rio (see 'lpeg.html' for license)
** written by Roberto Ierusalimschy
#ifndef lpeg_h
#define lpeg_h
#include "lua.h"
#define KEYNEWPATT "lpeg.newpf"
** type of extension functions that define new "patterns" for LPEG
** It should return the new current position or NULL if match fails
typedef const char *(*PattFunc) (const char *s, /* current position */
const char *e, /* string end */
const char *o, /* string start */
const void *ud); /* user data */
** function to create new patterns based on 'PattFunc' functions.
** This function is available at *registry[KEYNEWPATT]. (Notice
** the extra indirection; the userdata at the registry points to
** a variable that points to the function. In ANSI C a void* cannot
** point to a function.)
typedef void (*Newpf) (lua_State *L,
PattFunc f, /* pattern */
const void *ud, /* (user) data to be passed to 'f' */
size_t l); /* size of data to be passed to 'f' */
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