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lunamark 0.5.0 (released 11 Oct 2016)
* Unordered list items now may begin with a bulletchar (Vít Novotný).
* Make `options.citation_nbsps` also affect newlines (Vít Novotný).
* Added support for Pandoc-style citations (Vít Novotný).
* Added support for CommonMark fenced code blocks (Vít Novotný).
* Non-found footnote ref no longer outputs unescaped text (Vít Novotný).
lunamark 0.4.0 (released 16 Apr 2016)
* Don't run the failing PHP Markdown tests by default (#13).
* Depend on luautf8 instead of slnunicode (which doesn't build on 5.2).
* Makefile: added rock and check targets.
* Makefile: build rockspec from template.
`make` now does `luarocks make` with a recreated rockspec.
Version must be specified in Makefile.
* Fix compatibility with lpeg 1.0 (daurnimator).
* Use non-utf8 lower when utf8 not acceptable (daurnimator).
* Remove utf8_lower call when input is already lowercase (daurnimator).
* Add hack to avoid Cmt that matches empty string (daurnimator),
working around a change in lpeg behavior (#11).
* Remove unused 'altattr' local (daurnimator).
* Fix use of deprecated magic 'arg' variable (daurnimator).
* Fix some luacheck complaints (daurnimator).
* Use lua 5.3 style load function (daurnimator).
* Name exported function 'parse_markdown' to get lua_metadata
option working again (daurnimator).
* Use correct variable for start of ordered lists (daurnimator).
Fixes issue where options.startnum wouldn't work.
* Remove commented out 'referenceparser' code (daurnimator).
* Try other unicode libraries other than slnunicode (daurnimator).
* Close file descriptor (TsT).
* Fixed regression in pandoc title block (#7).
* README: Fixed man page link.
* Removed unneeded bit32 dependency.
* Added luajit benchmark.
* Documented 'make standalone' in README.
* Added 'standalone' target to Makefile.
This creates a standalone executable version of lunamark in the
standalone directory. It doesn't require that lua or other
lua libraries be installed. The lua interpreter is baked into
the executable. It also uses a version of lpeg that has been
modified to allow for larger grammars. See the patch in standalone/.
* Use unicode library for entities, remove depend on bit32.
lunamark 0.3 (released 26 Oct 2012)
* Removed title h1 tag in html template.
* Made benchmarks easier to read.
* A blockquote or header ends a paragraph.
This makes lunamark more compatible with other implementations,
even though I'm dubious whether this is desirable.
* Avoid links within links.
* Added `escaper` to util; using this instead of gsub in xml writer.
This gives a big speed boost (15-20%).
* Improved handling of ins/del tags.
* Added `hash_enumerators` option.
* Added `require_blank_before_header`, `require_blank_before_blockquote`
* Require newline after reference definition.
* Added `make prof`, `make coverage`.
* Cleaner treatment of `expandtabs`.
* Use ropes instead of concatenating strings. The advantage is not
speed -- this is actually slower than the old version -- but flexibility.
A rope (here) is an array containing strings, functions, and ropes. At
the end of parsing, the rope is walked and a string constructed by
concatenating its elements in order.
The functions are evaluated after parsing, and can access globals
constructed during parsing, such as a list of references or footnotes. So
we no longer need to do two passes for things like this. This will be
really useful when we add things like citations.
As a bonus, reference link definitions now work even in embedded contexts
like block quotes.
* Added map, intersperse, flatten to util
* Cleaned up spacing in html lists.
* Fixed typo in tex writer: `\ldots` for `\\ldots`.
* Fixed bug in rockspec (`branch` -> `tag`).
* man writer: Fixed lists so we don't get `.PP` after `.IP`.
* Change default of containers to + for docbook and dzslides.
lunamark 0.2 (released 17 Sep 2011)