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@@ -7,11 +7,10 @@ it is easy to add new writers or modify existing ones. The markdown parser is
written using a PEG grammar and can also be modified by the user.
The library is as portable as lua and has very good performance.
-It is significantly faster than the author's own C library
-[peg-markdown](, an order of
-magnitude faster than pandoc, two orders of magnitude
-faster than ``, and three orders of magnitude
-faster than `markdown.lua`.
+It is roughly as fast as the author's own C library
+two orders of magnitude faster than ``,
+and three orders of magnitude faster than `markdown.lua`.
# Links
@@ -50,19 +49,21 @@ simple examples are given in the [API documentation].
# Benchmarks
-Benchmarks (converting a 1M test file consisting of 25 copies of the
-markdown test suite concatenated together):
- 0.03s sundown
- 0.13s redcarpet
- 0.14s discount
- -> 0.35s lunamark
- 0.50s peg-markdown
- 2.79s PHP Markdown
- 4.74s RedCloth
- 4.97s pandoc
- 56.75s
- 996.14s markdown.lua
+Generated with
+ PROG=$program make bench
+This converts the input files from the original markdown test suite
+concatenated together 25 times.
+ 0.04s sundown
+ 0.15s discount
+ 0.80s peg-markdown
+ -> 0.97s lunamark
+ 4.05s PHP Markdown
+ 6.11s pandoc
+ 113.13s
+ 2322.33s markdown.lua
# Installing

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