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@jgm jgm released this May 13, 2015 · 704 commits to master since this release

  • Improvements to numerical styles:
    • Space is now inserted after the reference number in the
      bibliography when second-field-align is margin or flush.
    • Author-in-text citations are now treated just like other citations
      in numerical styles. So, brackets are used, and the term
      "Reference" is not added: instead of Reference 1 says...
      we have [1] says.... This seems to accord better with e.g.
      IEEE practice.
    • Improved citation collapsing. Now both the new and the old versions
      of ieee.csl work properly. Previously brackets were dropped with
      the new version (#55).
    • Use new ieee.csl for testing.
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@jgm jgm released this May 9, 2015 · 718 commits to master since this release

  • In YAML use pandoc markdown syntax for super, subscript (#128).
    Added test case for rich text formatting.
  • Change default for first-reference-note-number to 0 on reading (#128).
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@jgm jgm released this May 9, 2015 · 722 commits to master since this release

  • Improved YAML output:
    • Fields are now in a deterministic and rational order, id at top.
    • Blank lines between entries for readability.
    • Use human-friendlier year, month, etc. rather than date-part.
    • The test suite no longer normalizes YAML output before comparing,
      since we now control the order of fields.
  • Use locale in metadata in converting bibtex (#98).
  • Use locale in metadata for unicode collation, when compiled with
    the unicode_collation flag (#122).
  • Made pandoc-citeproc sensitive to metadata fields
    reference-section-title and suppress-bibliography (Jesse
    Rosenthal). The former specifies a title for a new reference section.
    The second suppresses the bibliography altogether. Existing
    documents should behave as before if these fields are not used.
  • Strip empty span elements from output (#126).
  • Allow conversion FROM yaml to other formats (#124).
  • Improved CSL JSON output. Use the rich markup syntax described at
  • Fixed extraction of language from LANG env variable in Bibtex (#98).
  • Fixed ghc-prof-options so we don't get warning with recent cabal.
    Added French, German localizations to Bibtex converter (#98).
  • Bibtex: Use type field to further specify mastersthesis or phdthesis (#98).
  • Ensure that "et al" has a space before it, if no delimiter defined (#93).
  • Allow "et al" to be formatted (#91).
  • Depend on setenv package for the setEnv function, which is found
    only in base 4.7+.
  • Fixed problem with droppped final punctuation in some footnotes (#82).
  • Text.CSL.Util: Removed unused readable. Renamed toShow to
    uncamelize. Use ppShow in tr'.
  • Use instead of (#107).
  • Fixed treatment of motion_picture title (#118).
  • Include preface and suffix of DOI in linked text (#107).
  • Added --regenerate flag to test-pandoc-citeproc.
  • Added hyperlink field to Formatting (API change).
  • Made hyperlinked citations work with numerical and author-year styles.
  • Bibtex: improved short title logic.
  • Map biblatex title/maintitle to CSL volume-title/title (Nick Bart).
  • Fix CSL dependent style support (Tim Lin, #105).
  • Added support for PMCID and PMID fields in bibtex (jgm/pandoc#1923).
  • Map biblatex inreference to EntryEncyclopedia rather than NoType
  • Wrap bibliography entries in Div with id=ref-citationId
  • Updated chicago-author-date.csl.
  • Allow compilation against pandoc 1.14 (the next release).
  • Removed obsolete small_base cabal flag.
  • Added debug cabal flag which turns on tracing.
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@jgm jgm released this Jan 10, 2014 · 1043 commits to master since this release

  • Require ghc-prim if ghc < 7.6 (needed for generics).
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