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bkuhn commented Sep 15, 2013

This is a one-line patch just to fix a problem I discovered when putting
Unicode characters in Markdown files and generating LaTeX output.

@bkuhn bkuhn Use LaTeX package for Unicode Mathematics characters.
Without including the ucs package with [mathletters] option in the LaTeX
template, math unicode characters such as ∃ and ∀ do not properly work when
the output is produced with LaTeX.

jgm commented Sep 15, 2013

For a long time, the ucs package was unmaintained, which is why
I haven't used it in (recent versions of) the template.

People have been recommending use of xelatex or lualatex instead
for documents with unicode characters in the source.
See e.g.

Apparently there's a new maintainer for ucs, so maybe the question
should be revisited now. But why not just use xelatex?

bkuhn commented Sep 16, 2013

I suppose that I could use xelatex. I just had a lot of old Makefiles that call pdflatex and latex, and thus it was easier to make this change than switch all those Makefiles.

What's the harm in putting that \usepackage{} inside the side of the if statement that only fires when pdflatex is in use? Worst case, it fails later for people, but it works for the moment using pdflatex in all the cases I tested.

mmirate commented Sep 16, 2013

Fixing the Makefiles would also be easy; it's just a matter of find -name '*Makefile' -exec sed -ri 's/\b(pdf)?latex\b/xelatex/g' {} \;.


adunning commented Oct 21, 2015

The ucs package is still in bad shape, and it looks to have been dropped again. Try the unicode-math package instead.

jgm closed this Oct 21, 2015

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