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I'm pleased to announce the release of pandoc 1.6.
As usual, a source tarball and Windows installer are available
at <>. You can
also use 'cabal install' to get the latest version from HackageDB:
cabal update
cabal install pandoc
Here is a summary of the major changes in this version.
New writers
Two new output formats are supported: [EPUB] and [Slidy].
EPUB is a standard ebook format, used in Apple's iBooks for the iPad
and iPhone, Barnes and Noble's nook reader, the Sony reader, and many
other devices, and by online ebook readers like [bookworm]. (Amazon's
Kindle uses a different format, MobiPocket, but EPUB books can easily be
converted to Kindle format.) Now you can write your book in markdown and
produce an ebook with a single command! I've put up a short
[tutorial here].
Slidy, like S5, is a system for producing HTML+javascript slide shows.
[tutorial here]:
New Command-line Options
For EPUB output:
* `--epub-stylesheet` allows you to specify a CSS file that will
be used to style your ebook.
* `--epub-metadata` allows you to specify a file containing metadata
besides the title and authors, which are automatically included.
For Slidy and S5 output:
* `--offline` causes the javascript and stylesheets needed for
S5 or Slidy slide shows to be included directly in the generated
HTML. (By default, only links are included.)
Note that this option goes with a change in the default behavior of the
S5 writer, which used to include the javascript and stylesheets whenever
`--standalone` was specified. If you are relying on pandoc to produce a
self-contained slide show, you should specify `--offline`.
For HTML output:
* `--webtex` causes TeX math to be converted to images using the Google
Charts API (unless a different URL is specified). (Thanks to
* Added `--section-divs` option. Causes div tags to be added around
each section in an HTML document.
This last change requires a bit of explanation. Before version 1.2,
pandoc would put section identifiers directly on headers:
<h1 id="my-section">My Section</h1>
...blah blah...
Someone wanted to be able to manipulate whole sections in javascript,
so, starting with 1.2, I changed pandoc to put sections inside divs,
with the identifiers on the divs:
<div id="my-section">
<h1>My Section</h1>
...blah blah...
Recently several people have pointed out to me that the divs can
produce bad interaction effects when combined with raw HTML.
So in 1.6, I have reverted to the old behavior (no divs, identifiers
directly on section headers) as a default, adding a `--section-divs`
option that will select the 1.2-1.5 behavior, with divs around sections
and identifiers on the divs.
Markdown extensions
You can now use "grid tables" in markdown. (Most of the code
is from Eric Kowey's grid tables patch to the RST reader, from
the last release.)
Table captions need no longer begin with the English word
`Table:`, a bare colon is sufficient. Also, captions may appear
above a table instead of below it.
A new type of list marker, `@`, has been added. A list with items
numbered `@` is sequentially numbered, like a list with items numbered
`#`. The difference is that with `@`, the number sequence continues
across a list boundary. `@` list items may also be labeled and referred
to elsewhere in the document. An example will illustrate their use:
Here is my first list:
(@) first example, numbered 1
(@) second example, numeber 2
Some commentary here.
(@) third example, numbered 3
(@special) fourth example, numbered 4
(@) fifth example, numbered 5
Some commentary about (@special) (will appear as 4).
This feature allows easy construction of a running list of
sequentially numbered examples. For documentation, see README under
"Numbered examples."
API Changes
There are quite a few API changes in this release. If you use pandoc
as a library, please review these carefully.
* Text.Pandoc.Shared:
+ HTMLMathMethod: Added WebTeX, removed MimeTeX. (WebTeX is
generic enough to subsume MimeTeX.)
+ WriterOptions: Added writerUserDataDir, writerSourceDirectory,
writerEPUBMetadata fields. Removed unused fields
writerIncludeBefore, writerIncludeAfter.
+ Moved all the parsing-related functions and definitions
to a new module, Text.Pandoc.Parsing.
+ Moved headerShift from pandoc.hs.
* New module, Text.Pandoc.Parsing, for shared parsing functions
and ParserState.
+ Added HTMLSlideVariant.
+ Made KeyTable a map instead of an association list.
This affects the RST and Markdown readers.
+ The type for stateKeys in ParserState has changed.
* Text.Pandoc.Definition:
+ Pandoc, Meta, Inline, and Block have been given Ord instances.
+ Reference keys now have a type of their own (Key), with its
own Ord instance for case-insensitive comparison.
* New module, Text.Pandoc.Writers.EPUB.
* New utility module, Text.Pandoc.UUID, for generating random UUIDs for
* Removed Text.Pandoc.ODT, added Text.Pandoc.Writers.ODT.
Instead of saveOpenDocumentAsODT, we now have writeODT, which takes
a Pandoc document and produces a bytestring. saveOpenDocumentAsODT
has been removed.
* Added Text.Pandoc.Writers.Native. This contains the prettyprinting
code from Text.Pandoc.Shared. prettyPandoc has been removed;
use the new writeNative instead.
* Added Text.Pandoc.UTF8 for portable UTF8 string IO.
* Removed Text.Pandoc.Writers.S5 and writeS5 function.
Moved s5Includes to new module, Text.Pandoc.S5.
(Now S5 is handled in more or less the same way as slidy;
to write s5, you use writeHtml with writerSlideVariant set
to S5Slides or SlidySlides.)
Template Changes
There have been some changes to the default templates; please update
your templates.
* HTML template: avoid empty meta tag if no date.
* Added S5 and Slidy templates.
* Added amssymb to the preamble in the default latex template.
* Use default highlighting CSS rather than embedding CSS in templates.
Note: if you use an older template, you'll have the wrong CSS for
recent versions of highlighting-kate.
Other Changes
* All input is assumed to be UTF-8, and all output is UTF-8. Pandoc no
longer respects locale, even when compiled by GHC 6.12.
* Made spacing at end of output more consistent. Previously some
of the writers added spurious whitespace. This has been removed.
Note: If your application combines pandoc's output with other
text, for example in a template, you may need to add spacing.
For example, a pandoc-generated markdown file will not have
a blank line after the final block element. If you are inserting
it into another markdown file, you will need to make sure there
is a blank line between it and the next block element.
* In S5 (and Slidy), horizontal rules now cause a "slide break,"
so you are no longer limited to one slide per level-one
* Improved handling of code in man writer.
+ Inline code is now in monoscpace, not bold.
+ Code blocks now use .nf (no fill) and .IP (indented paragraph).
* HTML reader: parse <tt> as Code.
* HTML writer: Put insert-before text before the title h1 in HTML.
This is the documented behavior; the insert-before text
comes after the <body> tag.
* Add bird tracks to lhs in HTML when compiled wo -fhighlighting.
Previously the bird tracks would be stripped off when pandoc was
not compiled with highlighting support, even if -t html+lhs was
specified. Thanks to Nicholas Wu for pointing out the problem.
* Don't allow colon in autogenerated XML/HTML identifiers.
They have a special meaning in XML (e.g. in EPUB).
* LaTeX reader:
+ Made latex \section, \chapter parsers more forgiving of whitespace.
+ Added stateHasChapters to ParserState.
+ Parse \chapter{} in latex. If a \chapter command is encountered,
this is set to True and subsequent \section commands (etc.) will
be bumped up one level.
+ Changed rawLaTeXInline to accept '\section', '\begin', etc.
+ Use new rawLaTeXInline' in LaTeX reader, and export rawLaTeXInline
for use in markdown reader.
+ Fixes bug wherein '\section{foo}' was not recognized as raw TeX
in markdown document.
* LaTeX writer: Give images a maximum width using the prelude only.
* Plain, markdown, RST writers: Use unicode for smart punctuation.
* Man writer: convert math to unicode when possible, as in other
* Allow markdown2pdf to recognize citeproc options.
* Convert command-line arguments to UTF8.
* Use texmath's parser in TexMath module. This replaces a lot of
custom parser code, and expands the tex -> unicode conversion. The
behavior has also changed: if the whole formula can't be converted,
the whole formula is left in raw TeX. Previously, pandoc converted
parts of the formula to unicode and left other parts in raw TeX.
* In parsing smart quotes, leave unicode curly quotes alone.
* Removed obsolete markdown2pdf script.
* Removed parsec < 3 restriction.
* ODT: Handle the case where the image is remote (or not found) by
converting the Image element into an Emph with the label.
* Added 'threaded' cabal flag.
+ GHC lacks a threaded runtime on some architectures.
Provide a 'threaded' flag that can be disabled for compiling
on these architectures.
+ Removed '-threaded' from pandoc's ghc-options. '-threaded'
is only needed for markdown2pdf, due to its use of readProcess.
* Modified readFile and getContents to strip BOM if present.
* Updated pandoc to use highlighting-kate 0.2.7.
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