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Pandoc with citeproc-hs
- [@nonexistent]
- @nonexistent
- @item1 says blah.
- @item1 [p. 30] says blah.
- @item1 [p. 30, with suffix] says blah.
- @item1 [-@item2 p. 30; see also @пункт3] says blah.
- In a note.[^1]
- A citation group [see @item1 chap. 3; also @пункт3 p. 34-35].
- Another one [see @item1 p. 34-35].
- And another one in a note.[^2]
- Citation with a suffix and locator [@item1 pp. 33, 35-37, and nowhere else].
- Citation with suffix only [@item1 and nowhere else].
- Now some modifiers.[^3]
- With some markup [*see* @item1 p. **32**].
[^1]: @пункт3 [p. 12] and a citation without locators [@пункт3].
[^2]: Some citations [see @item1 chap. 3; @пункт3; @item2].
[^3]: Like a citation without author: [-@item1], and now Doe with a locator [-@item2 p. 44].
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