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<h1 id="lhs-test">lhs test</h1>
<p><code>unsplit</code> is an arrow that takes a pair of values and combines them to return a single value:</p>
<pre class="sourceCode literate haskell"><code class="sourceCode haskell"><span class="ot">unsplit ::</span> (<span class="dt">Arrow</span> a) <span class="ot">=&gt;</span> (b <span class="ot">-&gt;</span> c <span class="ot">-&gt;</span> d) <span class="ot">-&gt;</span> a (b, c) d
unsplit <span class="fu">=</span> arr <span class="fu">.</span> <span class="fu">uncurry</span>
<span class="co">-- arr (\op (x,y) -&gt; x `op` y) </span></code></pre>
<p><code>(***)</code> combines two arrows into a new arrow by running the two arrows on a pair of values (one arrow on the first item of the pair and one arrow on the second item of the pair).</p>
<pre><code>f *** g = first f &gt;&gt;&gt; second g</code></pre>
<p>Block quote:</p>
<p>foo bar</p>
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