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_ Test, on linux, windows, mac (inc. website demos)
_ Finalize changelog
git log --pretty='format:%n%n* %s (%an)%n%b%n%h%n' --reverse --name-only > LOG
_ make man/pandoc.1 and commit if needed
_ Tag release in git
_ Tag templates
_ 'make dist' to generate tarball
_ Generate Windows package and copy to directory.
_ Generate Mac OSX package.
_ Generate Ubuntu/Debian deb package (cd deb; make package).
- Add release on github (use 'make changes_github' and upload files)
_ Upload to HackageDB
_ if docs don't build on Hackage:
'cabal install neil && neil docs --username=MYUSERNAME'
_ Update website, including short description of changes ('make changes')
_ Announce on pandoc-announce, pandoc-discuss
_ on server, 'cabal install --enable-tests -ftrypandoc'
and then 'cd trypandoc; sudo make install'
_ recompile gitit
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