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Removed obsolete flag info in INSTALL.

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1 parent 4d98815 commit 275a5af61bac60ad99387c186922715e18cb0713 John MacFarlane committed Jan 21, 2012
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@@ -64,13 +64,10 @@ you will need [zip-archive], [blaze-html], and [highlighting-kate].
- `executable`: build the pandoc executable (default yes)
- `library`: build the pandoc library (default yes)
- - `wrappers`: build the wrapper `markdown2pdf` (default yes)
- - `highlighting`: compile with syntax highlighting support (increases
- the size of the executable) (default no)
So, for example,
- --flags="-executable -wrappers highlighting"
+ --flags="-executable"
tells Cabal to build the library but not the executables,
and to compile with syntax highlighting support.

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