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Added section in INSTALL on creating relocatable binary on windows.

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@@ -94,6 +94,37 @@ you will need [zip-archive], [blaze-html], and [highlighting-kate].
generate a script that can be run to register the package at
install time.
+Creating a relocatable Windows binary
+On Windows it is possible to compile pandoc such that it
+(and its data files) are "relocatable." You can put the relocatable
+binary in any directory (even on a USB drive), and it will look for its
+data files there.
+ cabal install --flags="embed_data_files" citeproc-hs
+ cabal install --flags="executable -library" --datasubdir=
+You can find `pandoc.exe` in `dist/build/pandoc`. Copy this wherever
+you please, and copy the following data files to the same place:
+ reference.odt
+ reference.docx
+ epub.css
+ default.csl
+ templates/
+ data/
+ s5/
+ slidy/
+ dzslides/
+ pcre-license.txt
+ pcre3.dll
+This is essentially what the binary installer does.

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