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WiX: Remove unnecessary parameter for candle.exe.

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1 parent 7c572ac commit b4277c16581b44bb284e60486693b5916c40eb9a @sheremetyev sheremetyev committed Mar 15, 2013
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  1. +1 −1 windows/make-windows-installer.bat
2 windows/make-windows-installer.bat
@@ -24,7 +24,7 @@ if "%VERSION%" == "" (
echo Detected version %VERSION%
cd windows
echo Creating msi...
-"C:\Program Files\WiX Toolset v3.7\bin\candle.exe" -dVERSION=%VERSION% -ext WixUIExtension pandoc.wxs
+"C:\Program Files\WiX Toolset v3.7\bin\candle.exe" -dVERSION=%VERSION% pandoc.wxs
if %errorlevel% neq 0 exit /b %errorlevel%
"C:\Program Files\WiX Toolset v3.7\bin\light.exe" -sw1076 -ext WixUIExtension -out pandoc-%VERSION%.msi pandoc.wixobj
if %errorlevel% neq 0 exit /b %errorlevel%

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