Abbreviation definitions like PHP Markdown Extra #167

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I'd like to see Pandoc markdown supporting the 
<abbr> syntax of PHP Markdown Extra:

> PHP Markdown Extra adds supports for abbreviations
> (HTML tag <abbr>). How it works is pretty simple:
> create an abbreviation definition like this:
> *[HTML]: Hyper Text Markup Language
> *[W3C]:  World Wide Web Consortium

Of course I'd like support for class tags as per
above in such a definition too.  One may want to
differentiate abbreviations and acronyms, and
since HTML 5 is to drop the <acronym> tag an
acronym *class* would be useful!

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@jgm jgm was assigned Jun 10, 2011

Yes, I'd like to give this one a +1, as I'm looking at latex output and wishing it'd at least be output as \textsc{ma}. This might be a little overkill:

HTML is of course straight-forward, as it already supports acronyms.


John - as I'm reminded about this again, just checking: do you support this enhancement request in principle?

jgm commented Jul 7, 2011

I'm wary of this, as it would significantly slow down parsing. (Each string parsed would have to be looked up in the acronym table.)


Would it not be possible to simply pass turning on acronym parsing as a command-line flag? I think people who would benefit from it would not be all that upset in the slowdown involved, and those that don't need it would never know!


also as in kramdown (don't know if there is special syntax there that might help the performance issue, but personally I like cflewis' idea of letting it be transparent via a CL switch

also found this


This would really help. If it really slows down parsing, maybe an add-on program can be made which parses for abbreviations. When the operator does not enable the option the parsing is fast, when it is enabled, the parsing is slower but abbreviations get processed. There are three common things which are present in larger documents (which I use), abbreviations, glossaries and index. These would really help in shifting to markdown for larger documents which require more professional look and feel.
Right now this is limiting my markdown usage to smaller documents.

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