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Conflict between numbered headings and lists #506

candlerb opened this Issue · 2 comments

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The following pandoc renders strangely with markdown2pdf ( under OSX)

1. First part

Here is some stuff.

a) a point
b) another point

2. Second part


* heading 2 is treated as part of the preceding list

* so it gets numbered as (c)

        $ markdown2pdf mytest.txt

3. Another thing

That heading loses its number and is indented

4. Finally

Something odd when I use another code block here:

    $ markdown2pdf mytest.txt

This one renders with a bullet!

However it works fine if you change all the headings to the alternative form where each one is prefixed with two hashes, instead of being underlined with dashes.

## 1. First part

Here is some stuff.


It also renders OK if I remove the numbers from each heading line (which is not so good a workaround because I want my headings to have numbers on then)

But it looks like there is some tension here between an underlined piece of text being a heading (H1/H2) and a line starting with N. being part of a numbered list. Perhaps the former should take precedence over the latter?

jgm commented

Why not upgrade?

Only because I didn't realise there was a new dpkg :-)

I have now installed 1.9.2 and this test case and my original document work fine. Thank you!

@candlerb candlerb closed this
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