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Links in footnotes disappear when using `-V links-as-notes` #665

bjornbm opened this Issue · 0 comments

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It seems that footnotes to footnotes don't work very well. This causes problems when -V links-as-notes is used, as any link in a footnote will be made into a new footnote which is not visible in the PDF output.


This is a [link]( and^[This is [another
link]( in a footnote^[And this is a footnote in a

Output with -V links-as-notes looks something like:

This is a link^1 and^2.
^2This is another link^3 in a footnote^4

I have two proposals:

  1. When a footnote is found within another footnote just add the footnote at the same level as the parent footnote. The output for the example would be:

    This is a link^1 and^2.
    ^2This is another link^3 in a footnote^4
    ^4And this is a footnote in a footnote
  2. When using -V links-as-notes links in footnotes revert to some other visual representation of links (while footnotes in footnotes remain broken), e.g.

    This is a link^1 and^2.
    ^2This is another link[] in a footnote^3

I prefer the first proposal. If footnotes in footnotes are to remain broken perhaps a warning should be issued when they are encountered?

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