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Support LaTeX math in citations #866

jgm opened this Issue · 5 comments

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Currently math in the title of a bibtex citation is not parsed as math -- it comes across in HTML, for example, with the literal $ characters.

Perhaps pandoc could make a pass through titles and just parse LaTeX math?


The handling of bibliographic data should be consistent across output formats. I would expect pandoc to either escape `$' and similar characters in LaTeX output (as done by Zotero by the way) or convert it to Pandoc AST for math output also in HTML. By the way one could also argue to support other kind of markup in bibliographies, e.g. verbatim, italic, bold. The handling of markup should also be consistent for all bibliographic fields, not just the title.


A large number of Bibtex entries left over from the pre-Extended Latin charset days also uses Latex markup to express diacritics in authors' names. For example, Lemarié would be written as Lemari\'{e} in the authors field.


In that case, I'm all for parsing LaTeX math in the title. That would save me the trouble of going through our old Bibtex libraries and sanitizing all the math notation.

jgm commented

This is fixed by the latest pandoc-citeproc.

@jgm jgm closed this
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