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@jgm jgm released this Dec 30, 2020 · 46 commits to master since this release

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  • HTML reader: use renderTags’ from Text.Pandoc.Shared (Albert Krewinkel). A side effect of this change is that empty <col> elements are written as self-closing tags in raw HTML blocks.

  • Asciidoc writer: Add support for writing nested tables (#6972, timo-a). Asciidoc supports one level of nesting. If deeper tables are to be written, they are omitted and a warning is issued.

  • Docx writer: fix nested tables with captions (#6983). Previously we got unreadable content, because docx seems to want a <w:p> element (even an empty one) at the end of every table cell.

  • Powerpoint writer: allow arbitrary OOXML in raw inline elements (Albert Krewinkel). The raw text is now included verbatim in the output. Previously is was parsed into XML elements, which prevented the inclusion of partial XML snippets.

  • LaTeX writer: support colspans and rowspans in tables (#6950, Albert Krewinkel). Note that the multirow package is needed for rowspans. It is included in the latex template under a variable, so that it won’t be used unless needed for a table.

  • HTML writer: don’t include p tags in CSL bibliography entries (#6966). Fixes a regression in 2.11.3.

  • Add meta-description variable to HTML templates (#6982). This is populated by the writer by stringifying the description field of metadata (Jerry Sky). The description meta tag will make the generated HTML documents more complete and SEO-friendly.

  • Citeproc: fix handling of empty URL variables (DOI, etc.). The linkifyVariables function was changing these to links which then got treated as non-empty by citeproc, leading to wrong results (e.g. ignoring nonempty URL when empty DOI is present). See jgm/citeproc#41.

  • Use citeproc Fixes an issue in author-only citations when both an author and translator are present, and an issue with citation group delimiters.

  • Require texmath 0.12.1. This improves siunitx support in math, fixes bugs with \*mod family operators and arrays, and avoids italicizing symbols and operator names in docx output.

  • Ensure that the perl interpreter used for filters with .pl extension (wuffi).

  • MANUAL: note that textarea content is never parsed as Markdown (Albert Krewinkel).

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@jgm jgm released this Dec 19, 2020 · 64 commits to master since this release

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  • Added some missing files to extra-source-files and data files, so they are included in the sdist tarball. Closes #6961. Cleaned up some extraneous data and test files, and added a CI check to ensure that the test and data files included in the sdist match what is in the git repository.

  • Use citeproc, which avoids removing nonbreaking space at the end of the initialize-with attribute. (Some journals require nonbreaking space after initials, and this makes that possible.)

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@jgm jgm released this Dec 18, 2020 · 81 commits to master since this release

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  • With --bibliography (or bibliography in metadata), a URL may now be provided, and pandoc will fetch the resource. In addition, if a file path is provided and it is not found relative to the working directory, the resource path will be searched (#6940).

  • Add sourcepos extension for commonmark, gfm, commonmark_x (#4565). With the sourcepos extension set set, data-pos attributes are added to the AST by the commonmark reader. No other readers are affected. The data-pos attributes are put on elements that accept attributes; for other elements, an enlosing Div or Span is added to hold the attributes.

  • Change extensions for commonmark_x: replace auto_identifiers with gfm_auto_identifiers (#6863). commonmark_x never actually supported auto_identifiers (it didn’t do anything), because the underlying library implements gfm-style identifiers only. Attempts to add the auto_identifiers extension to commonmark will now fail with an error.

  • HTML reader:

    • Split module into several submodules (Albert Krewinkel). Reducing module size should reduce memory use during compilation.
    • Support advanced table features (Albert Krewinkel): block level content in captions, row and colspans, body headers, row head columns, footers, attributes.
    • Disable round-trip testing for tables. Information for cell alignment in a column is not preserved during round-trips (Albert Krewinkel).
    • Allow finer grained options for tag omission (Albert Krewinkel).
    • Simplify list attribute handling (Albert Krewinkel).
    • Pay attention to lang attributes on body element (#6938). These (as well as lang attributes on the html element) should update lang in metadata.
    • Retain attribute prefixes and avoid duplicates (#6938). Previously we stripped attribute prefixes, reading xml:lang as lang for example. This resulted in two duplicate lang attributes when xml:lang and lang were both used. This commit causes the prefixes to be retained, and also avoids invald duplicate attributes.
  • Commonmark reader:

    • Refactor specFor.
    • Set input name to "" to avoid clutter in sourcepos output.
  • Org reader:

    • Parse #+LANGUAGE into lang metadata field (#6845, Albert Krewinkel).
    • Preserve targets of spurious links (#6916, Albert Krewinkel). Links with (internal) targets that the reader doesn’t know about are converted into emphasized text. Information on the link target is now preserved by wrapping the text in a Span of class spurious-link, with an attribute target set to the link’s original target. This allows to recover and fix broken or unknown links with filters.
  • DocBook reader:

    • Table text width support (#6791, Nils Carlson). Table width in relation to text width is not natively supported by docbook but is by the docbook fo stylesheets through an XML processing instruction, <?dbfo table-width="50%"?>.
  • LaTeX reader:

    • Improve parsing of command options (#6869, #6873). In cases where we run into trouble parsing inlines til the closing ], e.g. quotes, we return a plain string with the option contents. Previously we mistakenly included the brackets in this string.
    • Preserve center environment (#6852, Igor Pashev). The contents of the center environment are put in a Div with class center.
    • Don’t parse \rule with width 0 as horizontal rule. These are sometimes used as spacers in LaTeX.
    • Don’t apply theorem default styling to a figure inside (#6925). If we put an image in italics, then when rendering to Markdown we no longer get an implicit figure.
  • Dokuwiki reader:

    • Handle unknown interwiki links better (#6932). DokuWiki lets the user define his own Interwiki links. Previously pandoc reacted to these by emitting a google search link, which is not helpful. Instead, we now just emit the full URL including the wikilink prefix, e.g. faquk>FAQ-mathml. This at least gives users the ability to modify the links using filters.
  • Markdown writer:

    • Properly handle boolean values in writing YAML metadata (#6388).
    • Ensure that a new csl-block begins on a new line (#6921). This just looks better and doesn’t affect the semantics.
  • RST writer:

    • Better image handling (#6948). An image alone in its paragraph (but not a figure) is now rendered as an independent image, with an alt attribute if a description is supplied. An inline image that is not alone in its paragraph will be rendered, as before, using a substitution. Such an image cannot have a “center”, “left”, or “right” alignment, so the classes align-center, align-left, or align-right are ignored. However, align-top, align-middle, align-bottom will generate a corresponding align attribute.
  • Docx writer:

    • Keep raw openxml strings verbatim (#6933, Albert Krewinkel).
    • Use Content instead of Element. This allows us to inject raw OpenXML into the document without reparsing it into an Element, which is necessary if you want to inject an open tag or close tag.
    • Fix bullets/lists indentation, so that the first level is slightly indented to the right instead of right on the margin (cholonam).
    • Support bold and italic in “complex script” (#6911). Previously bold and italics didn’t work properly in LTR text. This commit causes the w:bCs and w:iCs attributes to be used, in addition to w:b and w:i, for bold and italics respectively.
  • ICML writer:

    • Fix image bounding box for custom widths/heighta (Mauro Bieg, #6936).
  • LaTeX writer:

    • Improve table spacing (#6842, #6860). Remove the \strut that was added at the end of minipage environments in cells. Replace \tabularnewline with \\ \addlinespace.
    • Improve calculation of column spacing (#6883).
    • Extract table handling into separate module (Albert Krewinkel).
    • Fix bug with nested csl- display Spans (#6921).
    • Improve longtable output (#6883). Don’t create minipages for regular paragraphs. Put width and alignment information in the longtable column descriptors.
  • OpenDocument writer:

    • Support for table width as a percentage of text width (#6792, Nils Carson).
    • Implement Div and Span ident support (#6755, Nils Carson). Spans and Divs containing an ident in the Attr will become bookmarks or sections with idents in OpenDocument format.
    • Add two extensions, xrefs_name and xrefs_number (#6774, Nils Carlson). Links to headings, figures and tables inside the document are substituted with cross-references that will use the name or caption of the referenced item for xrefs_name or the number for xrefs_number. For the xrefs_number to be useful heading numbers must be enabled in the generated document and table and figure captions must be enabled using for example the native_numbering extension. In order for numbers and reference text to be updated the generated document must be refreshed.
  • JATS writer:

    • Support advanced table features (Albert Krewinkel).
    • Support author affiliations (#6687, Albert Krewinkel).
  • Docbook writer:

    • Use correct id attribute consistently (Jan Tojnar). DocBook5 should always use xml:id instead of id.
    • Handle admonition titles better (Jan Tojnar). Docbook reader produces a Div with title class for <title> element within an “admonition” element. Markdown writer then turns this into a fenced div with title class attribute. Since fenced divs are block elements, their content is recognized as a paragraph by the Markdown reader. This is an issue for Docbook writer because it would produce an invalid DocBook document from such AST – the <title> element can only contain “inline” elements. Handle this special case separately by unwrapping the paragraph before creating the <title> element.
    • Add XML namespaces to top-level elements (#6923, Jan Tojnar). Previously, we only added xmlns attributes to chapter elements, even when running with --top-level-division=section. These namespaces are now added to part and section elements too, when they are the selected top-level divisions. We do not need to add namespaces to documents produced with --standalone flag, since those will already have xmlns attribute on the root element in the template.
  • HTML writer:

    • Fix handling of nested csl- display spans (#6921). Previously inner Spans used to represent CSL display attributes were not rendered as div tags as intended.
  • EPUB writer:

    • Include title page in landmarks (#6919). Note that the toc is also included if --toc is specified.
    • Add frontmatter type on body element for nav.xhtml (#6918).
  • EPUB templates: use preserveAspectRatio=“xMidYMid” for cover image (#6895, Shin Sang-jae). This change affects both the epub2 and the epub3 templates. It avoids distortion of the cover image by requiring that the aspect ratio be preserved.

  • LaTeX template:

    • Include csquotes package if csquotes variable set.
    • Put back amssymb. We need it for checkboxes in todo lists, and maybe for other things. In this location it seems compatible with the cases that prompted #6469 and PR #6762.
    • Disable language-specific shorthands in babel (#6817, #6887). Babel defines “shorthands” for some languages, and these can produce unexpected results. For example, in Spanish, 1.22 gets rendered as 122, and et~al. as etal. One would think that babel’s shorthands=off option (which we were using) would disable these, but it doesn’t. So we remove shorthands=off and add some code that redefines the shorthands macro. Eventually this will be fixed in babel, I hope, and we can revert to something simpler.
  • JATS template: allow array of persistent institute ids in pid (Albert Krewinkel).

  • Text.Pandoc.Parsing: minor code and efficiency improvements.

  • Text.Pandoc.Extension:

    • Add Ext_sourcepos constructor for Extension [API change].
    • Add Ext_xrefs_name and Ext_xrefs_number constructors for Extension (Nils Carson) [API change].
  • Text.Pandoc.Citeproc:

    • Fix truncation of [Citation] list in Cite inside footnotes (#6890). This affected author-in-text citations in footnotes. It didn’t cause problems for the printed output, but for filters that expected the citation id and other information.
    • Allow the use of both inline and external references (#6951), as with pandoc-citeproc. References defined in the document’s metadata take priority over references with the same id defined in an external bibliography.
    • Use fetchItem to get external bibliography (#6940).
    • Ensure that BCP47 lang codes can be used. We ignore the variants and just use the base lang code and country code when passing off to citeproc.
    • Citeproc BibTeX parser: revert change in getRawField which was made (for reasons forgotten) when transferring this code from pandoc-citeproc. The change led to -- in URLs being interpreted as en-dashes, which is unwanted (#6874).
  • Text.Pandoc.ImageSize:

    • Default to DPI 72 if the format specifies DPI of 0 (#6880). This shouldn’t happen, in general, but it can happen with JPEGs that don’t conform to the spec. Having a DPI of 0 will blow up size calculations (division by 0).
    • ImageSize: use JuicyPixels to determine size for png, jpeg, and gif, instead of doing our own binary parsing (#6936). This gives more reliable results.
  • Text.Pandoc.CSS:

    • Remove foldOrElse (internal module) (Albert Krewinkel).
  • Use skylighting 0.10.2 (#6625).

  • Use citeproc 0.3. This fixes issues with references with duplicate ids (jgm/citeproc#36).

  • Use doctemplates 0.9. This fixes issues with boolean metadata values in the Markdown writer (#6388) and in meta-json (#6650). It also fixes issues with nested for loops in templates.

  • Add translations zh-Hans.yaml and zh-Hant.yaml (#6904, #6909, Kolen Cheung, taotieren).

  • Add tests: True to cabal.project. This fixes some CI failures for cabal.

  • Normalize test/tables/*.native (#6888, Kolen Cheung).

  • Move executable to app directory to avoid problems with cabal repl.

  • CONTRIBUTING: add section “How can I help?” (#6892, Albert Krewinkel). Also adds a paragraph aimed at highlighting the importance of feature maintenance.

  • MANUAL: Document that –number-sections works in ms (#6935).

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@jgm jgm released this Nov 19, 2020 · 193 commits to master since this release

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  • Default to using ATX (##-style) headings for Markdown output (#6662, Aner Lucero). Previously we used Setext (underlined) headings by default for levels 1–2.

  • Add option --markdown-headings=atx|setext, and deprecate --atx-headers (#6662, Aner Lucero).

  • Support markdown-headings in defaults files.

  • Fix corner case in YAML metadata parsing (#6823). Previously YAML metadata would sometimes not get recognized if a field ended with a newline followed by spaces.

  • --self-contained: increase coverage (#6854). Previously we only self-contained attributes for certain tag names (img, embed, video, input, audio, source, track, section). Now we self-contain any occurrence of src, data-src, poster, or data-background-image, on any tag; and also href on link tags.

  • Markdown reader:

    • Fix detection of locators following in-text citations. Prevously, if we had @foo [p. 33; @bar], the p. 33 would be incorrectly parsed as a prefix of @bar rather than a suffix of @foo.
    • Improve period suppression algorithm for citations in notes in note citation styles (#6835).
    • Don’t increment stateNoteNumber for example list references. This helps with #6836 (a bug in which example list references disturb calculation of citation note number and affect when ibid is triggered).
  • LaTeX reader:

    • Move getNextNumber from Readers.LaTeX to Readers.LaTeX.Parsing.
    • Fix negative numbers in siunitx commands. A change in pandoc 2.11 broke negative numbers, e.g. \SI{-33}{\celcius} or \num{-3}. This fixes the regression.
  • DocBook reader: drop period in formalpara title and put it in a div with class formalpara-title, so that people can reformat with filters (#6562).

  • Man reader: improve handling of .IP (#6858). We now better handle .IP when it is used with non-bullet, non-numbered lists, creating a definition list. We also skip blank lines like groff itself.

  • Bibtex reader: fall back on en-US if locale for LANG not found. This reproduces earlier pandoc-citeproc behavior (jgm/citeproc#26).

  • JATS writer:

    • Wrap all tables (Albert Krewinkel). All <table> elements are put inside <table-wrap> elements, as the former are not valid as immediate child elements of <body>.
    • Move Table handling to separate module (Albert Krewinkel). Adds two new unexported modules: Text.Pandoc.Writers.JATS.Types, Text.Pandoc.Writers.JATS.Table.
  • Org writer:

    • Replace org #+KEYWORDS with #+keywords (TEC). As of ~2 years ago, lower case keywords became the standard (though they are handled case insensitive, as always).
    • Update org supported languages and identifiers according to the current list contained in (TEC).
  • Only use filterIpynbOutput if input format is ipynb (#6841). Before this change content could go missing from divs with class output, even when non-ipynb was being converted.

  • When checking reader/writer name, check base name now that we permit extensions on formats other than markdown.

  • Text.Pandoc.PDF: Fix changePathSeparators for Windows (#6173). Previously a path beginning with a drive, like C:\foo\bar, was translated to C:\/foo/bar, which caused problems. With this fix, the backslashes are removed.

  • Text.Pandoc.Logging: Add constructor ATXHeadingInLHS constructor to LogMessage [API change].

  • Fix error that is given when people specify doc output (#6834, gison93).

  • LaTeX template: add a \break after parbox in CSLRightInline. This should fix spacing problems between entries with numeric styles. Also fix number of params on CSLReferences.

  • reveal.js template: Put quotes around controlsLayout, controlsBackArrows, and display, since these require strings. Add showSlideNumber, hashOneBasedIndex, pause.

  • Use citeproc 0.2. This fixes a bug with title case around parentheses.

  • pandoc.cabal: remove ‘static’ flag. This isn’t really necessary and can be misleading (e.g. on macOS, where a fully static build isn’t possible). cabal’s new option --enable-executable-static does the same. On stack you can add something like this to the options for your executable in package.yaml:

    ld-options: -static -pthread
  • Remove obsolete bibutils flag setting in linux/

  • Manual:

    • Correct link-citation -> link-citations.
    • Add a sentence about pagetitle for HTML (#6843, Alex Toldaiev).
  • Remove references to pandoc-citeproc (#6857).

  • CONTRIBUTING: describe hlint and how it’s used (#6840, Albert Krewinkel).

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@jgm jgm released this Nov 8, 2020 · 238 commits to master since this release

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  • Citeproc: improve punctuation in in-text note citations (#6813). Previously in-text note citations inside a footnote would sometimes have the final period stripped, even if it was needed (e.g. on the end of ‘ibid’).

  • Use citeproc This improves the decision about when to use ibid in cases where citations are used inside a footnote (#6813).

  • Support nocase spans for csljson output.

  • Require latest commonmark, commonmark-extensions. This fixes a bug with autolink_bare_uris and commonmark.

  • LaTeX reader: better handling of \\ inside math in table cells (#6811).

  • DokuWiki writer: translate language names for code elements and improve whitespace (#6807).

  • MediaWiki writer: use syntaxhighlight tag instead of deprecated source for highlighted code (#6810). Also support startFrom attribute and numberLines.

  • Lint code in PRs and when committing to master (#6790, Albert Krewinkel).

  • doc/ describe technical details of filter invocations (#6815, Albert Krewinkel).

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@jgm jgm released this Nov 3, 2020 · 254 commits to master since this release

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  • DocBook Reader: fix duplicate bibliography bug (#6773, Nils Carlson).

  • HTML reader:

    • Parse contents of iframes (#6770).
    • Parse inline svg as image unless raw_html is set in the reader (in which case the svg is passed through as raw HTML) (#6770).
  • LaTeX reader:

    • Fix bug parsing macro arguments (#6796). If \cL is defined as \mathcal{L}, and \til as \tilde{#1}, then \til\cL should expand to \tilde{\mathcal{L}}, but pandoc was expanding it to \tilde\mathcal{L}. This is fixed by parsing the arguments in “verbatim mode” when the macro expands arguments at the point of use.
    • Properly support optional (cite) argument for \blockquote from csquotes (#6802).
  • LaTeX writer: Improved calculation of table column widths. We now have LaTeX do the calculation, using \tabcolsep. So we should now have accurate relative column widths no matter what the text width. The default template has been modified to load the calc package if tables are used.

  • HTML writer: Fix duplicate “class” attribute for table rows (Andy Morris).

  • Text.Pandoc.Filter: allow shorter YAML representation of Citeproc (Albert Krewinkel). The map-based YAML representation of filters expects type and path fields. The path field had to be present for all filter types, but is not used for citeproc filters. The field can now be omitted when type is “citeproc”, as described in the MANUAL.

  • Text.Pandoc.Error: Add PandocBibliographyError constructor for PandocError [API change]. This ensures that bibliography parsing errors generate messages that include the bibliography file name – otherwise it can be quite mysterious where it is coming from.

  • Citeproc: properly handle csl field with data: URI (#6783). This is used with the JATS writer, so this fixes a regression in pandoc 2.11 with JATS output and citeproc.

  • Allow citation-abbreviations in defaults file.

  • JATS templates: ensure jats_publishing output is valid (Albert Krewinkel).

  • LaTeX template: Fix CSLRightInline, so that it does not run over the right margin.

  • HTML template: default CSS tweaks (Mauro Bieg and John MacFarlane).

    • Fix margin before codeblock
    • Add monobackgroundcolor variable, making the background color and padding of code optional.
    • Ensure that backgrounds from highlighting styles take precedence over monobackgroundcolor
    • Remove list markers from TOC
    • Add margin-bottom where needed
    • Remove italics from blockquote styling
    • Change borders and spacing in tables to be more consistent with other output formats
    • Style h5, h6
    • Set font-size for print media to 12pt.
    • Reduce interline space.
    • Reduce interparagraph space.
    • Reduce line width.
    • Remove the special line-height: 1 for table cells.
    • Remove the special line-height for pre.
    • Ensure that there is a bit more space before a heading than after.
    • Slightly reduced space after title header.
    • Add CSS example to MANUAL
  • man template: Change comment that triggers tbl from .\"t to '\" t, as specified in groff_man(7) (#6803).

  • Use latest commonmark, commonmark-extensions. This fixes a bug with nested blocks in footnotes with the footnote extension to commonmark. See jgm/commonmark-hs#63.

  • Citeproc: use comma for in-text citations inside footnotes. When an author-in-text citation like @foo occurs in a footnote, we now render it with: AUTHOR NAME + COMMA + SPACE + REST. Previously we rendered: AUTHOR NAME + SPACE + "(" + REST + ")". This gives better results. Note that normal citations are still rendered in parentheses.

  • Use latest citeproc:

    • citeproc no longer capitalizes notes, so we do it in pandoc when appropriate.
    • Closes #6783.
  • Clarify manual on --track-changes (#6801).

  • Add doc/ to document pandoc’s handling of JATS (#6794, Albert Krewinkel).

  • Fix code example in (#6795).

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@jgm jgm released this Oct 23, 2020 · 289 commits to master since this release

  • Use latest citeproc (, closes #6765). This fixes a problem with author-in-text citations for references including both an author and an editor. Previously, both were included in the text, but only the author should be.

  • With --citeproc, ensure that the final period is removed when citations that occur in notes in note-based styles get put in parentheses. See jgm/citeproc#20.

  • Commonmark writer: fix regression with fenced divs (#6768). Starting with 2.10.1, fenced divs no longer render with HTML div tags in commonmark output. This is a regression due to our transition from cmark-gfm. This commit fixes it.

  • Normalize rewritten image paths with --extract-media (#6761). This change will avoid mixed paths like this one when --extract-media is used with a Word file: ![](C:\Git\TIJ4\Markdown/media/image30.wmf). Instead we’ll get ![](C:\Git\TIJ4\Markdownmediaimage30.wmf).

  • Modify --version output. Use space more efficiently and report the citeproc and ipynb versions, along with skylighting, texmath, and pandoc-types. Drop the word “default” before “user data directory.”

  • DocBook reader: bibliomisc and anchor support (#6754, Nils Carlson). Also ensure that bibliodiv without a title no longer results in an empty Header.

  • ConTeXt template: adds \setupinterlinespace to fonts larger than normal (#6763, Denis Maier).

  • LaTeX template: Do not load amssymb if not needed (#6469, Angelo Peronio). See

  • Relax upper bound on hslua, allow hslua-1.3.* (Albert Krewinkel).

  • Use latest sylighting, with support for groovy.


    • Improve explanation of “indent” variable (#6767, Cyrus Yip).
    • Remove org from list of input formats supporting raw_tex (#6753, Nick Fleisher).
    • Document that –html-q-tags requires the smart extension on the reader (#6766).
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Oct 23, 2020

@jgm jgm released this Oct 16, 2020 · 316 commits to master since this release

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  • Fix handling of xdata in bibtex/biblatex bibliographies (#6752).

  • Fix some small typos in the API documentation (#6751, Michael Hoffmann).

  • Require citeproc This fixes a regression from pandoc-citeproc involving spacing between components of a reference in certain styles (e.g. cell.csl).

  • Fix typos in comments, doc strings, error messages, and tests (Albert Krewinkel, #6738).

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@jgm jgm released this Oct 14, 2020 · 322 commits to master since this release

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  • LaTeX reader: support more acronym commands (#6746): \acl, \aclp, and capitalized versions of already supported commands.

  • Commonmark reader: add pipe_table extension after defaults (#6739). Otherwise we get bad results for non-table, non-paragraph lines containing pipe characters.

  • Markdown writer: Fix autolinks rendering for gfm (#6740). Previously, autolinks rendered as raw HTML, due to the class="uri" added by pandoc’s markdown reader.

  • LaTeX writer:

    • Escape option values in lstlistings environment (#6742).
    • Fix handling of lang pt-BR (#2953). For polyglossia we now use \setmainlanguage[variant=brazilian]{portuguese} and for babel \usepackage[shorthands=off,main=brazilian]{babel}.
  • Depend on latest citeproc (

    • This fixes the citation number issue with ieee.csl and other styles that do not explicitly sort bibliographies (#6741). (Pandoc was numbering them by their order in the bibliography file, rather than the order cited, as required by the CSL spec.)
    • Fixes groupin/collapsing with citation items with prefixes.
  • default.latex: fix CSLReference macro definition.

  • Fix MANUAL.txt CSL JSON conversion examples.

  • Fix spelling errors in chengelog, MANUAL.txt, doc/ (#6738).

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