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  • --self-contained: Fixed overaggressive CSS minimization (#2301, 2286). Previously --self-contained wiped out all spaces in CSS, including semantically significant spaces. This was a regression from 1.14.x.
  • Markdown reader: don't allow bare URI links or autolinks in link label (#2300). Added test cases.
  • Text.Pandoc.Parsing, uri: Improved bare autolink detection (#2299). Previously we disallowed - at the end of an autolink, and disallowed the combination =-. This commit liberalizes the rules for allowing punctuation in a bare URI, and adds test cases. One potential drawback is that you can no longer put a bare URI in em dashes like this: this uri--- an example. But in this respect we now match github's treatment of bare URIs.
  • HTML writer: support speaker notes in dzslides. With this change <div class="notes"> and also <div class="notes" role="note"> will be output if -t dzslides is used. So we can have speaker notes in dzslides too. Thanks to maybegeek.
  • Updated dzslides template.
  • Improved documentation of options to print system default files (#2298). --print-default-data-file and --print-default-template.
  • DokuWiki writer: use $..$ for Math instead of <math>..</math> (Tiziano Müller). MathJax seems currently to be the only maintained math rendering extension for DokuWiki.
  • Text.Pandoc.Shared: Changed hierarchicalize so it treats references div as top-level header (#2294). This fixes a bug with --section-divs, where the final references section added by pandoc-citeproc, enclosed in its own div, got nested in the div for the section previous to it.
  • Allow vector 0.11.
  • Require cmark > 0.4.