pandoc 1.19.1

@jgm jgm released this Dec 10, 2016 · 53 commits to master since this release

  • Set PANDOC_VERSION environment variable for filters (#2640). This allows filters to check the pandoc version that produced the JSON they are receiving.
  • Docx reader: Ensure one-row tables don't have header (#3285, Jesse Rosenthal). Tables in MS Word are set by default to have special first-row formatting, which pandoc uses to determine whether or not they have a header. This means that one-row tables will, by default, have only a header -- which we imagine is not what people want. This change ensures that a one-row table is not understood to be a header only. Note that this means that it is impossible to produce a header-only table from docx, even though it is legal pandoc. But we believe that in nearly all cases, it will be an accidental (and unwelcome) result
  • HTML reader:
  • Fixed some bad regressions in HTML table parser (#3280). This regression leads to the introduction of empty rows in some circumstances.
  • Understand style=width: as well as width in col (#3286).
  • RST reader:
  • Print warnings when keys, substitition, notes not found. Previously the parsers failed and we got raw text. Now we get a link with an empty URL, or empty inlines in the case of a note or substitution.
  • Fix hyperlink aliases (#3283).
  • Man writer: Ensure that periods are escaped at beginning of line (#3270).
  • LaTeX writer: Fix unnumbered headers when used with --top-level (#3272, Albert Krewinkel). Fix interaction of top-level divisions part or chapter with unnumbered headers when emitting LaTeX. Headers are ensured to be written using stared commands (like \subsection*{}).
  • LaTeX template: use comma not semicolon to separate keywords for pdfkeywords. Thanks to Wandmalfarbe.
  • Markdown writer: Fixed incorrect word wrapping (#3277). Previously pandoc would sometimes wrap lines too early due to this bug.
  • Text.Pandoc.Pretty: Added afterBreak [API change]. This makes it possible to insert escape codes for content that needs escaping at the beginning of a line.
  • Removed old MathMLInHTML.js from 2004, which should no longer be needed for MathML with modern browsers.
  • Fixed tests with dynamic linking (#2709).
  • Makefile: Use stack instead of cabal for targets. This is just a convenience for developers.
  • Fixed bash completion of filenames with space (#2749).
  • MANUAL: improved documentation on how to create a custom reference.docx.
  • Fix minor spelling typos in the manual (#3273, Anthony Geoghegan)