@jgm jgm released this Nov 1, 2017 · 1700 commits to master since this release

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  • Fixed regression in parsing of HTML comments in markdown and other
    non-HTML formats (Text.Pandoc.Readers.HTML.htmlTag) (#4019).
    The parser stopped at the first > character, even if it wasn't
    the end of the comment.

  • Creole reader (Sascha Wilde):

    • Fix some minor typos and formatting.
    • Add additional test on nowiki-block after para.
    • Fix lists with trailing white space.
  • LaTeX reader: handle % comment right after command.
    For example, \emph%.

  • Markdown reader: make sure fenced div closers work in lists.
    Previously the following failed:

    ::: {.class}
    1. one
    2. two

    and you needed a blank line before the closing :::.

  • Make fenced_divs affect the Markdown writer. If fenced_divs is
    enabled, Divs will be rendered as fenced divs.

  • LaTeX/Beamer writer: support "blocks" inside columns and other Divs

  • HTML Writer: consistently use dashed class-names (Mauro Bieg, #3556).
    Note: this change may require some changes in CSS rules.
    footnoteRef has become footnote-ref, titleslide has
    become title-slide, and footnoteBack has become footnote-back.

  • JATS writer: Properly pass through author metadata (#4020).

  • FB2 writer (Alexander Krotov):

    • Write blocks outside of <p> in definitions.
    • Make bullet lists consistent with ordered lists, repeating
      the marker for the outer list rather than indenting sublists,
      since indentation does not work in readers.
    • Add new style FB2 tests.
  • Text.Pandoc.ImageSize: Add Millimeter constructor to Dimension
    (#4012) [API change]. Now sizes given in 'mm' are no longer converted
    to 'cm'.

  • Revise documentation of small caps syntax (Andrew Dunning, #4013).

  • Fix broken reference links in manual (Andrew Dunning, #4014)

  • Fixed example of slide columns structure in changelog (#4015).
    Also documented this feature in MANUAL.txt.