@jgm jgm released this Nov 5, 2017 · 1786 commits to master since this release

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  • Improved fix to #3989 (parsing of HTML tags containing
    > in an attribute or comment). The previous fix (in 2.0.1) only
    worked in certain cases.

  • FB2 writer (Alexander Krotov):

    • Add unrecognised genre to <title-info>
      (Alexander Krotov). XML schema requires at least one genre.
    • Remove <annotation> from <body>.
  • CommonMark writer: fix strikethrough for gfm (#4038).

  • Use texmath 0.10, which adds support for a wider range of
    symbols and fixes default column alignments in MathML
    and OMML.

  • Highlighting fixes, using skylighting

    • Fix invalid CSS.
    • Support lineAnchors (or line-anchors) in HTML code blocks.
    • Ensure that code lines don’t get duplicate identifiers (#4031).
      The line identifiers are built using the code block’s identifier
      as a prefix. If the code block has null identifier, we use
      cb1, cb2, etc.
  • Added a few abbreviations to data/abbreviations,
    and sorted the list (#3984, Wandmalfarbe).

  • Improved support for columns in HTML writer (#4028).

    • Remove width attribute from the div.
    • Remove space between <div class="column"> elements,
      since this prevents columns whose widths sum to 100%
      (the space takes up space).
    • Move as much as possible of the CSS to the template.
    • Ensure that all the HTML-based templates (including epub)
      contain the CSS for columns.
    • Columns default to 50% width unless they are given a width
      attribute. So if you want two equal-width columns, you
      can use a div with class column and no width attribute.
  • SelfContained: use base64 for css links with media attribute (#4026).
    This fixes --self-contained with S5.

  • Improve pandoc-template-mode.el (Vaclav Haisman).

  • Issue INFO, not WARNING, when a .sty file cannot be
    read in LaTeX reader. It is normally not an issue requiring
    a fix from the user if .sty files are not found.

  • INSTALL.md: MacOS instructions needed xar -f (adam234).

  • MANUAL.txt:

    • Clarify that –setext-headers doesn’t affect gfm output (#4035).
    • Clarify what is needed to open and close a div in fenced_divs
      (#4039, Tristano Ajmone).
    • Removed reference to default.beamer in docs (#4024).
      Also added mention of other templates affecting PDF output
      with different settings.