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pandoc 2.2.1

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@jgm jgm released this 11 May 18:52
  • Restored and undeprecated gladtex for HTML math (#4607).

    • Added GladTeX constructor to Text.Pandoc.Options.HTMLMathMethod [API change, reverts removal in v2.2]
    • Restored and undeprecated --gladtex option, removed in v2.2.
  • LaTeX reader: Handle $ in /text{..} inside math (#4576).

  • Org reader: Fix image filename recognition (Albert Krewinkel). Use a function from the filepath library to check whether a string is a valid file name. The custom validity checker that was used before gave wrong results (e.g. for absolute file paths on Windows, kawabata/ox-pandoc#52).

  • FB2 reader: Replace some errors with warnings (Alexander Krotov).

  • HTML writer:

    • Strip links from headers when creating TOC (#4340). Otherwise the TOC entries will not link to the sections.
    • Fix regression with tex math environments in HTML + MathJax (#4639).
  • Muse writer (Alexander Krotov): Add support for left-align and right-align classes (#4542).

  • Docx writer: Support underline (#4633).

  • Text.Pandoc.Parsing: Lookahead for non-whitespace after singleQuoteStart and doubleQuoteStart (#4637).

  • test-pandoc-utils.lua: more robust testing on both windows and *nix. Previously the pipe tests were only run if \bin/false and /bin/sed were present, which they aren’t in default MacOS and Windows systems. Fixed by using tr and false, which should always be in the path on a *nix system, and find and echo for Windows.

  • Text.Pandoc.Shared: add uriPathToPath. This adjusts the path from a file: URI in a way that is sensitive to Windows/Linux differences. Thus, on Windows, /c:/foo gets interpreted as c:/foo, but on Linux, /c:/foo gets interpreted as /c:/foo. See #4613.

  • Use uriPathToPath with file: URIs (#4613).

  • Revert piping HTML to pdf-engine (Mauro Bieg, #4413). Use a temp file as before.

  • Text.Pandoc.Class: Catch IO errors when writing media files and issue a warning, rather than an error (Francesco Occhipinti, #4559).

  • Don’t lowercase custom writer filename (Alexander Krotov, #4610).

  • MANUAL (Mauro Bieg):

    • Clarify truthiness in template variables (#2281).
    • Clarify pipe table width calculation (#4520).
  • ConTeXt template: New Greek fallback typeface (Pablo Rodríguez, #4405). CMU Serif gives better typographic results than the previous Greek fallback DejaVu Serif.

  • Make HTML template polyglot (#4606, OvidiusCicero), by making <link rel="stylesheet" href="$css$"> self-closing.

  • Use texmath 0.11, allowing better translation of non-ASCII characters in math (#4642).