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Markdown syntax extensions:
x reference notes parser
x fenced code blocks
x fancy list numbers
x tex math
x non-strict treatment of html
x definition lists - tight/loose distinction, test
x move para-to-plain transform for all lists to markdown,
remove tight list attribute
x header identifiers
x tex math output (mathml)
x super/subscript
x plain math output
x markdown parsing for super/subscript
x markdown strikeout
x tests for fenced code blocks
x finish revising spacing etc. in tests
x tests for math
x command line flag --compact to disable extra spaces e.g. in html
x tests for super/subscript
_ tests for HTML bolcks with markdown
_ example lists - possibly rethink syntax to avoid clash w/ citations?
(use ! instead of @)
_ inline tex
_ tables - use structure with cell combinators?
cell (2 `x` 3) contents <> ( cell (1 `x` 1) z ^^^ cell (1 `x` 1) y )
_ citations
_ picture captions? - improve
_ title block/metadata - rethink?
_ highlighting
_ tex math macros (do generic tex parsers first, can't easily reuse
parser from texmath because it operates on a string)
_ other math formats
_ comments?
_ anchors?
_ writer: use fold instead of map?
this wd allow things like inserting an HTML comment btw a
markdown list and an indented code block.
Other writers
Other readers
Templates - better to use something standard?
Example lists:
##. blah
##. blah
#foo#. blah
#bar#. baz
(#bar#) my example
See (#bar#) for an example.
##foo. blah
##bar. baz
(##bar) my example
See (##bar) for an example.
!. bim
!foo. blah
!bar. baz
(!bar) my example
See (!bar) for an example.
Maybe ! should be used for generic labels.
# My header !my-header
In section !my-header,
internal link:
[See section !my](!my)
Definition lists - keep old syntax, but it's SLOW to parse.
Benchmark goes from .351 to .46 just adding the definition
lists. Think of ways to speed up?
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