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@@ -169,11 +169,12 @@ The configuration file specifies the following:
- `indexfile`: the filename of the index file (default: `index.yaml`)
- `title`: the title of the whole site
-- `templatedir`: the directory containing templates (default: `.`)
+- `sourcedir`: the directory containing all the templates and page sources
+ (default: `.`)
- `datadir`: the directory containing yaml data files (default: `.`)
- `filesdir`: the directory containing static files (default: `files`)
-- `layout`: the default layout template for the site (default:
- ``)
+- `layout`: the default layout template for the site, relative to
+ `sourcedir` (default: ``)
### `index.yaml` and submenus
@@ -193,7 +194,8 @@ fields:
Each page must have at least `url`, `title`, and either `template` or
+`source`. Values for `template`, `source`, and `layout` are relative to
+`sourcedir` specified in `config.yaml`.
The pages may be organized into a tree-like hierarchy, which will be
reflected in the site navigation menu. It is easiest to see how this

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