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- `$sitetitle$`: the site title from `config.yaml`
- `$pagetitle$`: the page title as defined in `index.yaml`
+### Previewing a site
+If you use only relative URLs in your site, you can preview it by
+opening any of the HTML files in site in your web browser. If you use
+absolute links, this won't work, but you can use Jinjing Wang's simple
+static web server `maid`:
+ cabal update
+ cabal install maid
+To use maid to preview your site, just change to the site directory and
+start `maid`:
+ cd site
+ maid
+The site will appear at <http://localhost:3000>. If you want to serve it
+at another port, just pass the port number as an argument to `maid`:
+ maid 5999
[string template]:

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