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Update documentation regarding directory lists for `sourcedir` etc.

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@@ -176,13 +176,19 @@ The configuration file specifies the following:
- `indexfile`: the filename of the index file (default: `index.yaml`)
- `title`: the title of the whole site
-- `sourcedir`: the directory containing all the templates and page sources
+- `sourcedir`: list of directories containing templates and page sources
(default: `.`)
-- `datadir`: the directory containing yaml data files (default: `.`)
-- `filesdir`: the directory containing static files (default: `files`)
+- `datadir`: list of directories containing yaml data files (default: `.`)
+- `filesdir`: list of directories containing static files (default: `files`)
- `layout`: the default layout template for the site, relative to
`sourcedir` (default: ``)
+The directories specified by `sourcedir` and `datadir` are searched in
+order to find source/template or data files, respectively. This allows
+for a `../templates` directory to be shared among multiple sites, for
+example. Static files are merged from the contents of all directories
+in `filesdir`. All of these accept a string as a singleton list.
### `index.yaml` and submenus
The index file is a YAML list of pages. Each page may have the following

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