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Modified demo site for darcs version of HStringTemplate.

This version supports unicode and chomps final newlines
in .st files.
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commit b32fe9f3e583176461fe0e75839a8a77511510b8 1 parent 5a642df
@jgm authored
16 README.markdown
@@ -434,22 +434,6 @@ it parses text within HTML block elements as markdown. So, for example,
you can include a section in `<div>` tags, or use raw `<ul>` and `<li>`
tags instead of markdown formatting.
-### Stringtemplate gotchas
-Sometimes you want to create a span-level template---something like
-``, which just formats a date:
- $it; format="%B %d, %Y"$
-If you create a file containing this line with a regular text editor,
-the file will end with a newline character. This will be treated
-as a newline in the template, so you'll get a new line after every
-date in a list of dates: not what you want.
-The solution is to set up your text editor so that it doesn't
-add the newline at the end of the file. Using [vim][], you can do this
-with the commands `set binary` and `set noeol`.
### Layout templates
Layout files are also string templates, but they are not treated as
2  demo/
@@ -1 +1 @@
-$it; format="%B %d, %Y"$
+$it; format="%B %d, %Y"$
2  demo/
@@ -1,3 +1,5 @@
**$first(it).date:date(); separator=" - "$**
2  demo/events.yaml
@@ -15,5 +15,5 @@
- date: 2009-04-15
speaker: Jim Jones
- title: XSS attacks for dummies
+ title: ὕαλον ϕαγεῖν δύναμαι
9 demo/
@@ -6,4 +6,11 @@ Our last two events:
-For a complete list of events, see the [events](events.html) page.
+For a complete list of events, see the [events](events.html) page.
+yst supports unicode:
+- ὕαλον ϕαγεῖν δύναμαι· τοῦτο οὔ με βλάπτει.
+- أنا قادر على أكل الزجاج و هذا لا يؤلمني.
+- 我能吞下玻璃而不伤身体。

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