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Jekyll Github Pages Blog Starter Template
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git Jekyll-Github Pages blog starter template

A starter template to help you publish your blog to Github pages.


  1. Download or clone this repo
  2. Follow instructions to create your page on Github
  3. You can update and preview your site locally by following these instructions
  4. Update _config.yml
  5. Commit and push

Writing a new post

  1. Published posts reside in _posts directory and staging directory is _drafts.
  2. You can manually writing new post by duplicating and modifying the existing Or,
  3. Using command line locally, navigate to root directory of this project and enter ./blog newpost <post title>. This will generate a file (inside _posts directory) with today's date/time and post title as the file name. Open it and modify accordingly. When ready, move it to _posts
  4. Commit and push
  5. Other options for ./blog command are:
    1. newdraft <post title> - Creates a file in _drafts directory
    2. publish - adds, commits and pushes your changes
    3. serve - runs bundle exec jekyll serve on the local enviroment
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