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Welcome to AnyDBM, a generic DBM-like interface for Haskell

AnyDBM is a generic interface to DBM-like databases for Haskell. It lets you store String-to-String mappings in various formats, from a simple in-memory Map to a high-performance DBM database or even a SQL database.

This software was written by John Goerzen. If you like it, you can send a few dollars my way via my tip jar, though that is certainly optional and doesn’t buy you anything.

Known Drivers

  • MapDBM, built-in, RAM-only, uses a Haskell Map as a background
  • StringDBM, built-in, RAM with disk backing
  • HDBC-AnyDBM, which uses simple SQL tables in any HDBC database
  • MissingPy, which lets you use any Python anydbm backend with Haskell AnyDBM

Starting Points

Downloads: Source and Binaries

Contributing to AnyDBM

You can always download the source from the Downloads page and attach diffs. But it’s far better, both for you and for me, if you use Git.

Mailing List

I encourage the use of the haskell-cafe mailing list for questions and discussions about AnyDBM. Gmane has made available excellent archives of this list as well.