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Visualization of CDC Wonder cause of death data
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CDC death data visualization

This is used to create Sankey diagrams of data of causes of death as obtained from the CDC Wonder Data Request system. It is a Rust program that collates and filters the data to make it presentable. The parameters to the coalescepct function in are particularly relevant for filtering.

I have included an example png of the output in this directory. A cut-and-pastable description of its generation using the code in this repository follows:

The data comes from CDC Wonder Data Request. Parameters are as follows: ten-year age groups: 35-44 and 45-54; year: 2016; Group by: ICD chapter, then ICD sub-chapter, then cause of death, with "export results" checked. This particular age group was selected because it tends to exclude disproportionate causes of death at the very young or very old edge of the spectrum; "old age" is not a listed cause of death. This, therefore, tends to show "what kills people early." It should be noted that this shows only the immediate cuase of death; in particular, smoking will not show up here as a direct cause of death because it manifests itself as things like lung cancer.

It was then fed through my cdcvis program. This program takes the TSV file from CDC Wonder, parses it, filters it down to combine the myriad sub-categories into "Other" so that the resulting chart is manageable, and then outputs data in a form that Sankeymatic can handle. I wrote it as an exercise as part of learning Rust.

The output from cdcvis is then sent to Sankeymatic Build.

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