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Welcome to Commit Hooks

This is a collection of scripts to process commit actions from different version control systems (VCS) and inject the results into different bug-tracking systems (BTS), sometimes closing bugs as a result.

Supported VCS include:

  • Darcs
  • Git
  • Mercurial

Supported BTS include:

  • debbugs (the Debian BTS)
  • trac

Support Status

John Goerzen wrote commithooks, but no longer uses or maintains it. You are welcome to fork it here on Github, or send in patches!

Starting Points

  • README file — the introduction and manual for conmmithooks

Downloads: Source and Binaries

This project has not yet made formal releases.

Contributing to Commit Hooks

You can always download the source from the Downloads page and attach diffs. But it’s far better, both for you and for me, if you use Git; see help.github.com for info.

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