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Welcome to hpodder

Welcome to hpodder. Hpodder is a tool to scan and download podcasts. Such tools are often called podcatchers.

hpodder is a command-line tool for Linux and other POSIX systems (FreeBSD, MacOS X, etc). It has quite a few features. A few highlights are that it is easy to learn and use, has automatic discovery of feed metadata, and can import iPodder settings.

This software was written by John Goerzen. If you like it, you can send a few dollars my way via my tip jar, though that is certainly optional and doesn’t buy you anything.

Development Status

John Goerzen no longer listens to podcasts, and doesn’t have much time to maintain this software. A new maintainer is being sought. In the interim, well-tested patches may still be applied but there isn’t enough time for anything else.

Starting Points

Downloads: Source and Binaries

  • Source releases are available from the Hackage page
  • The latest development trees are available via the Github project page
  • You can find Debian packages from the hpodder Debian Page.
  • RPMs and packages for many other Linux and BSD distributions are also included with your distribution.

Contributing to hpodder

You can always download the source from the Downloads page and attach diffs. But it’s far better, both for you and for me, if you use Git.

Mailing List

I encourage the use of the haskell-cafe mailing list for questions and discussions about hpodder. Gmane has made available excellent archives of this list as well.

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