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-What is MissingPy?
+What is magic-haskell?
-It's two things:
+It is a binding to the C libmagic library. It allows you to determine
+the type of a file not by looking at its name or extension, but rather
+by examining the contents itself.
-1. A Haskell binding for many C and Python libraries for tasks such as
- data compression, databases, etc. This can be found in the
- MissingPy module tree.
+libmagic can provide either a textual description or a MIME content
+type (and, occasionally, also a character set.)
-2. A low-level Haskell binding to the Python interpreter to
- enable development of hybrid applications that use both
- environments. This can be found in the Python module tree. The
- Haskell bindings above use this environment.
-MissingPy permits you to call Python code from Haskell. It does NOT
-permit you to call Haskell code from Python.
-Major Features
- * GZip and BZip2 compression and decompression using the generic
- Handle-like HVIO interface
- * *dbm persistent storage using the generic AnyDBM interface
- * Low-level interface to Python for extending your own Haskell code
- * Many unit tests to verify proper functionality
+The Haskell binding can also provide reports over Haskell strings.
Quick Start
@@ -41,39 +21,33 @@ See the file INSTALL.
Usage in programs
-You can simply use -package MissingPy in ghc to enable
+You can simply use -package magic in ghc to enable
this library.
-Note that you'll want to compile most of your programs with
--fallow-overlapping-instances at least. (If you use *only*
-MissingPy/*, that may not be necessary.) Also, please note that you
-must call Python.Interpreter.py_initialize before doing anything else.
The API docs can be built with "make doc", or you can find them at:
Author & Homepage
-MissingPy was written by John Goerzen <>.
+magic-haskell was written by John Goerzen <>.
The latest version may be obtained at:
- gopher://
+ gopher://
Documentation is also available on that page.
-This program is copyrighted under the terms of the GNU General Public License.
-See the COPYRIGHT and COPYING files for more details.
+You can also obtain the darcs tree with:
-If the GPL is unacceptable for your uses, please e-mail me; alternative
-terms can be negotiated for your project.
+ darcs get --partial
-arch-tag: general information
+This program is copyrighted.
+See the COPYRIGHT and COPYING files for more details.

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