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some features request... #16

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I'd like twidge be able to:

  • Insert a line/some *** or --- to separate every tweet. I think when you retrieve a list of 20 it would be clearer to read...

  • Use different colors for each element of the tweet; user, main text, url, mentions, etc, instead of every aspect in the same console color.

Thanks a lot.


I would like to see that too. Thanks =P


I would like this too. Will try to implemented, wish me luck.


Use different colors <-- I'd prefer vim syntax highlighting. Pull tweets into a vim buffer and let it color them.


@jean sounds awesome, could you post some hints or modify the Tips & Tricks page to reflect that setup?


At the moment I just do :r! twidge lsrecent -asul in my TwitterLog file.
And then munge it using this command:


I'm doing this in the context of vimwiki (, so I get highlighting of URLs, and can turn any bit of a tweet into a link to a wiki page. Many hashtags and usernames are already WikiWords, so they can be turned into a link by just hitting return. They're natural handles to add context or organize information around tweets and tweeps.

I haven't bothered with a syntax file, but I'd like one which hides everything but the username from the URL. I'd also prefer the timestamp in more compact ISO8601 format.


Use sed

twidgle lsrecent | sed -e "s/@[0-9a-zA-Z_\-]*/\x1b[40m\x1b[1;32m&\x1b[0m/"|  sed -e "s/#[a-zA-Z]*/\x1b[41m&\x1b[37m\x1b[0m/"
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