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== 0.1.0 2009-06-19
* Initial release
== 0.2.0 2009-06-21
* New functions implemented:
exp(), ln(), log10(), power().
== 0.2.1 2009-06-23
* Bug fixes:
- Decimal#inspect was always producing debug information; now it uses $DEBUG
- Raising some exceptions caused error, because too many parameters were being
passed to the exception's base class initializer.
* New functionality:
- ulp (unit in the last place)
- normalize (in the classic sense, not in the original GDA sense)
- maximum_finite, minimum_normal, minimum_nonzero value decimal constructors
- epsilon, strict_epsilon, half_epsilon
- setting context exponent limits with elimit
- require decimal/shortcut to use D for Decimal
== 0.2.2 2009-07-21
* Bug fixes:
- Decimal#normal? was incorrect for special values and zero.
- After a local context, the global context was set to a copy of the original
context, so any previously stored reference to it was now unbound.
- Context#normalize was incorrect.
== 1.0.0 2014-10-12
* Reimplemented based on Flt
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