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This is the data from the Golbeck et. al Fake News paper. To cite it, please use this reference:

Jennifer Golbeck, Matthew Mauriello, Brooke Auxier, Keval H Bhanushali, Christopher Bonk, Mohamed Amine Bouzaghrane, Cody Buntain, Paul Cheakalos, Jeannine B. Everett, Waleed Falak, Carl Gieringer, Jack Graney, Kelly Hoffman, Mayanka Jha, Misbah Khan, Varsha Kori, Elo Lewis, George Mirano, William T. Mohn Iv, Sean Mussenden, Tammie M. Nelson, Sean Mcwillie, Akshat Pant, Priya Shetye, Alexandra Steinheimer, Aditya Subramanian and Gina Visnansky. 2018. Fake News vs Satire: a Data Set and Analysis. Proceedings of the 10th ACM Conference on Web Science. Amsterdam, the Netherlands.