Run check commands as though they're being run through Sensu
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One of my pain points with Sensu is the inability to see if I've configured a check properly before I toss it out to the whole environment. sensu-run is a lightweight utility for testing Sensu commands, with real Sensu interpolation, before you hastily shove them into production.

sensu-run hooks internal APIs of the actual Sensu client classes, so it should be considered fragile. It's been tested with Sensu 0.16 and will probably break in a future release.


Run a predefined standalone check:

./sensu-run -d /etc/sensu/conf.d my-standalone-check-name

Or take a pass at an arbitrary command (please quote):

./sensu-run -d /etc/sensu/conf.d '/etc/sensu/checks/check_disk.rb -w :::check_disk.warn::: -c :::check_disk.crit:::'